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Meet The Team

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Mackenzie Williamson

Studio Host & Team Lead

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Kelly LeMay

Owner & Photographer

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Mikhela Belanger

Studio Manager & Photographer


Asia Dracopoulos

Studio Assistant/Host


Emotional Support Worker

Our Story

caylie and Kelly
Kelly and Caylie

    Team Kelly and Caylie began 25 years ago after we each took a chance on our dreams and flew to Tokyo to begin our careers in the fashion industry. Even though we arrived from completely different time zones and had different upbringings, it didn't take long before we realized that we were cut from the same cloth. We both were there to take in the international experience and learn, love and LAUGH along the way. Yep, we said LOVE. We both met our husbands in Tokyo that year and are still both happily married over 20 years later. 

       We spent the next several years traveling in different countries learning from some of the best photographers, art directors, makeup artists and stylists.  We both finally decided to hang up our nomadic lives, and raise our families here in Toronto.  We continued working on set with Toronto's best art direction in front of the camera and for the last decade we are thoroughly enjoying our place behind the camera.


       With this unique wealth of experience that we bring to work every day, we know we offer a truly special edge when working with our clients.  We know the tricks of lighting, styling and art design to bring your vision to life. 


    We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest quality of service, and we are committed to providing just that. Explore the rest of our site to learn more and please get in touch with any questions about all we offer at the Vintage Loft.

Our In-House Photographer

Kelly LeMay Photography

​     Kelly LeMay is a commercial, portrait, & lifestyle photographer who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She spent her early years working internationally on fashion sets from renowned photographers. Kelly has now been working in the GTA for over a decade. She is recognized for her ability to connect with people. She puts them at ease, ensuring their most beautiful moments are captured and their best story will be ready to share.  


    Commercially, she specializes in headshots, business branding and editorials. She enjoys shooting lifestyle and portrait photography with her families, couples, and little ones.  She also shoots Wedding and Events.


    Kelly has a passion for creating and engaging emotion and life within her work. Her love for these moments inspires a contagious energy.

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